I have talked extensively in the past about the good reasons to take up an online casino for when you gamble. Everyone loves to discuss the bonuses, which are without a doubt very, very nice to have. But like all good things, bonuses come to an end. But do they?

Not necessarily, no. Although at some “B” rate casinos, you get an initial bonus and you’re sent on your way, “A” list casinos, such as the ones I recommend you play at, continue to give back to their players well after the initial relationship is established.

Mind you, these are the very best casinos I’m talking about. When you play with the big boys and show them you’re a high roller with style, they will include in their VIP clubs. This is an honor granted only the most loyal players, and it is by invitation only. As the old adage says, you gotta spend money to make money. And nowhere is it more true than at the casino.

If you make a large deposit, say hundreds of dollars, into your account instead of dropping in twenty or thirty bucks at a time, you open the doors to VIP status. As a VIP you get to convert your comp points at excellent rate, making them as good as cash. Not only that. Many online casino providers will offer a spate of other incentives to keep you loyal.

VIP treatment begins with your very own personal account manager. Not every casino does this, but many of the best ones do. This means that if you want to call them, you have your very own representative who knows you by name and is familiar with your account. A personal concierge, if you will. Once you’re in, you can expect individually tailored VIP bonus packages as well. These are based on your play style, and are made specifically for you.

On the gaming side, betting limits are increased, as are payout limits. This opens up the doors to another level of potential wins that are just not available to other people. And once you’re considered VIP, you will get invited to special competitions, random prize drawings, and all sorts of other promotions that can net you anything from cash, to electronics, like laptops and tablets, to all expense paid vacations. I have seen cruises, safaris, and continental 5 star resorts. Not too shabby. All of this is on top of the fact that VIPs get to enjoy cash back bonuses every single week.

I highly advise you, if you are in the market to sign up to a new casino, and you consider yourself even a bit of a high roller, to look into becoming a VIP player as soon as you can. The rewards are well worth the risks. No one knows this better than a professional gambler. Don’t take my word for it. Check with the links I provided you with on the homepage to see some of the most amazing VIP packages in the world. Trust me, you will be happy if you do.