In the past few years there has been a new trend called “Live Dealer” in online casinos, and they are all the rage right now. If you have never seen the live dealer option, you must be playing at the wrong casino, because all the top dogs have one version or another of live dealer games. At this point you must be wondering, then, what is this live dealer? Is it when you play against an actual person, like on yahoo games? Yes…but it is so much more.

Live dealer casinos offer a window into reality. Real reality, not virtual reality. The casino operators noticed that no matter how good the graphics get and how smart the virtual dealers become, the experience is never quite the same as playing in a real casino against real people. So what did they do? They just went ahead and set up entire casinos with real live dealers, literally, whom you can play against. These are real people who interact with you in real time. You see them through high definition cameras. And the live dealer casinos always seem to hire the best looking dealers on earth.

The live dealer casino option goes a little further than just simulating reality with a windowed reality. They go ahead and eliminate everything that is wrong with real life casinos. They get rid of smokers. They get rid of rowdy drunk people. They get rid of the noise. They get rid of the inane chatter. They get rid of the need to travel. This is a perfect one on one experience free of all the annoyances. Live dealer casinos distill the games down to their essence so you can concentrate on enjoying the game instead of getting distracted with bothersome background stuff.

There is also a very real advantage to having a real human being deal your game. The dealer can help you out. She can chat with you. You can interact with her if you have a problem. This is the exact opposite of the cold, hard, computer interface with no face. But even though it seems like an obvious thing to do, live dealer casinos are only popping up now because there were significant technological hurdles to overcome.

Only the biggest casinos with the largest budgets can really afford to offer a live dealer casino option. The first technical requirement is…having a casino filled with humans who require salaries. This is counter to the entire point of an online casino, which traditionally saves money by doing away with staff, and transferring the savings on to players through improved odds of winning.

This barrier is taken care of by actually moving the staff and operations to a third party operator, which then licenses out the service to participating casinos. These third parties are generally one of two large companies called Evolution Gaming or Entwine Tech. They take care of wiring up their floor with high definition cameras and providing the infrastructure.

Then, the online casino that licenses them takes care of the logistics of handling money, transfers, and all the things that go along with intermediating the experience to their users. All this is done in real time, and that takes an enormous amount of bandwidth, which the online casinos have to upgrade when they take up live dealer games.

All this technical wizardry would mean nothing if the dealers themselves weren’t worth it. Rest assured that they are. Live dealer casinos hire certified dealers who are absolute experts in their specialty. They exhibit the highest standards of professionalism. It doesn’t hurt that the casinos make a point of hiring only the very best looking women they can find.

The end user doesn’t see any of what goes on behind the lines. All players see is a seamless experience that transports them directly into the game. Because of technical limitations, however, spots are hard to come by at the live dealer tables, so players need to be patient when they want to play. But it is well worth the wait. Once you experience the joy of live dealer online gaming, everything you thought you knew about online casinos is redefined and you will find it difficult to go back. Try it out now at EuroPalace Casino.